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Your resource for the best chocolates.

This site is dedicated to chocolate everywhere. I plan to focus on bars, disks, chips, and filled chocolates. The occasional candy will sneak in such as Jelly Bellies. I may also cover restaurant items or cookies if the mood strikes. Most dessert items I would expect to appear on the recipes page on my other website (which is still part of this website).

My main goal is to find the best of the best. Every filled chocolate company makes a variety of chocolates. Some are much better than all the others though, and I want to highlight those. If you went into a store with fifty choices, which should you focus on and why? Do you have taste or budget preferences? I want this site designed to help you meet those preferences, whether shopping in a grocery store, a chocolate shop, or the grandest and most confusing of shops - the internet. Some snobs might not like that I cover the whole spectrum, but even Hershey makes some great stuff at its price point.

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