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Item: 1996 Politics
Item: 365 Condoms and a Tire
Item: 40 Year Old Single People
Item: 70 Things Women Love Most
Item: Adam and Eve
Item: African Roulette
Item: African Roulette
Item: Amish Joke
Item: Amish Man
Item: Animals, Groan
Item: Answer-Question
Item: Arnold has a Long One
Item: Australian Dies
Item: Bad Pun - Japanese
Item: Ballerinas
Item: Bear Crossing
Item: Billy Crystal Joke
Item: Blacks and Cops - Offensive to Both
Item: Blacks, Polish
Item: Blind Man
Item: Blind Parachutist
Item: Blonde Driver
Item: Blonde's Bad Day
Item: Blondes
Item: Breaking Up
Item: Breasts and Trains
Item: Buckwheats Conversion
Item: Bug, Windshield
Item: Cave Men and Women
Item: Chicken Coops?
Item: Chicken Joke - Really Stupid
Item: Child Crossing a Playground
Item: Cinderella - risque
Item: Classic
Item: Computer Age Casanova
Item: Condoms and Coffins
Item: Country Music
Item: Cow Counting
Item: Cross Iacocca and Dracula
Item: Crucifiction vs. Circumcision
Item: Dirty Religeous Pair
Item: Diving
Item: Dog Nicknames
Item: Easter Riddle
Item: Easter Riddle, Doctors
Item: Elephant and Rhino
Item: Elephant with Three Balls
Item: Elephants
Item: Enzyme vs. Hormone (credited)
Item: Epileptic in a Lettuce Patch
Item: Experienced Computer Scientist
Item: Firemen and Policemen
Item: Generic Coed and Catfish
Item: Gerbils
Item: Ghosts Have Babies?
Item: God is a Man.
Item: Goose a Ghost
Item: Gross PMS Joke
Item: Gumdrops vs. Men
Item: Happiness
Item: Helen Keller's Driving
Item: Hell's Angel and Jehovah's Witness
Item: High Finance
Item: Hillbilly Circumcision
Item: Holy water
Item: Husbands and Anniversaries
Item: Husbands, Dogs
Item: Kato Katelin
Item: Ken and Barbie
Item: Kinky vs. Perverted
Item: Lawyer, Gigolo
Item: Lawyer, Rooster
Item: Lawyers and catfish
Item: Lawyers and Light Bulbs
Item: Lawyers and Toxic Waste
Item: Lawyers and Vultures
Item: Lawyers Skydiving
Item: Lawyers vs. Roosters
Item: Lawyers, Broken Noses
Item: Lawyers, Drowning
Item: Lawyers, Godfather
Item: Lawyers, Sand
Item: Lawyers, Shame
Item: Lawyers, Trees
Item: Leper
Item: Leper Hcokey Game
Item: Lepers, Sex
Item: Lesbian Army
Item: Light Bulb and Flies
Item: Light Bulb, Bill Gates
Item: Light Bulb, Men
Item: Light Bulb, PMS
Item: Light Bulb, Psychiatrist
Item: Light Bulb, Sexy Guys
Item: Light Bulb, Society
Item: Light bulb, Unions
Item: Light Bulbs and PMS
Item: Lighting Pun
Item: Ligth Bulbs and Car Salesmen
Item: Lipstick on Her Head
Item: List of questions without answers
Item: Marriage, Sex
Item: Math and Science
Item: Men
Item: Men
Item: Men
Item: Men
Item: Men and Clothes
Item: Men and Dating
Item: Men and Light Bulbs
Item: Men and Parking Spaces
Item: Men and PMS
Item: Men and Women
Item: Men's True Feelings
Item: Men, Lawn Mowers
Item: Men, Marriage
Item: Men, Women, and Logic
Item: Men, Women, Cross-Dressing
Item: Mercury, Liquid
Item: Mexican and a cue ball?
Item: Miss Piggy's Counting
Item: Money go a Long Way
Item: Multiple Orgasms
Item: Mummies on Vacation
Item: Napoleon
Item: Native American Observation
Item: Nuclear fallout, Sex
Item: Nun's Sex Change
Item: Old Woman vs Young Woman
Item: Oldie
Item: Oral Sex
Item: Organ Size
Item: Perfect Pitch
Item: Pick Pocket vs. Peeping Tom
Item: Pigeon vs. Stockbroker
Item: Pillsbury Doughboy
Item: Pilsbury Doughboy
Item: Pink vs. Purple
Item: PMS
Item: PMS and Light Bulbs
Item: PMS, Terrorists
Item: Priests and meat
Item: Prostitute
Item: Prostitute in New York and Chicago
Item: Prostitute vs. Drug Dealer
Item: Protection During Sex
Item: Rabbit
Item: Rednecks on Halloween
Item: Rejection, Sex
Item: Religeon, Computers
Item: Religeon, Russia
Item: Religeon, Sex
Item: Rodeo Sex
Item: Rodeo Sex Variation
Item: Rodney King
Item: Ronald McDonald on a Beach?
Item: RU486
Item: Santa's Kids
Item: Several Blonde Riddles
Item: Sex
Item: Sex
Item: Sex Definition
Item: Sex, Gynecology
Item: Sex, Hockey
Item: Sex, Love, Graphic
Item: Sex, Men's Favor
Item: Sex, Sorority
Item: Sex, Women
Item: Sexist as All Get Out
Item: Sexist Pussy Joke
Item: Sick Baby Joke
Item: Singles Bars
Item: Size Does Matter
Item: Smartest thing to come out of...
Item: Snow White Striptease
Item: Sperm
Item: Stones vs. Scotsman
Item: Student Drink Special
Item: Swearing Old Ladies
Item: Tampons
Item: Tickle Me Elmo
Item: Tile and Men
Item: Tire and 365 Condoms
Item: Tofu and Vibrators
Item: Two Wrongs
Item: Visual Lesbian Joke
Item: Whale Circumcision
Item: Whites and Blacks
Item: Willie Nelson
Item: Windows in an Orthodox Church
Item: Women
Item: Women and Fried Chicken
Item: Women and Hunters
Item: Women Going to Church or in a Bath
Item: Women's Stupidity
Item: Women's Track Team Vs. Pygmies
Item: Women's Waist?
Item: Women, Marriage
Item: Women, Pregnant, Predictable
Item: Women, Sex