Category: Humor
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Item: A Cat's Christmas
Item: Abort, Retry, Ignore?
Item: Advice, Quaint
Item: Characters
Item: Christmas - Ebonics Style
Item: Christmas - The night before - sort of
Item: Christmas Poem?
Item: Computer History?
Item: Crude, Well Travelled Verse
Item: Dorothy Parker on Men
Item: Dr. Seuss as a Technical Writer
Item: Dr. Seuss Technical Manual
Item: Emily Dickinson Sung to Gilligan's Island
Item: Four Letter Words
Item: Getting Old
Item: Golden Years
Item: Good Advice
Item: Gum Chewing Student
Item: Hard Work
Item: Hickory Dickory Dock
Item: Hitler is a Jerk
Item: I'm Glad I'm a Man
Item: I'm Glad I'm a Man
Item: I'm Glad I'm a Man - Version 2
Item: I'm Glad I'm a Woman
Item: I'm Glad I'm a Woman
Item: I'm My Own Grandpa (Homer and Jethro)
Item: Kisses
Item: Logical English
Item: Marital Bliss?
Item: Model of a Teenage Cyberpunk
Item: Modified Prayer
Item: My Very First Time
Item: Ode to a Mammogram
Item: Ode to a Third Base Coach
Item: OJ by Dr. Seuss
Item: Really Short Poem
Item: Retirement
Item: Retirement - Sex Life
Item: Roses are Red
Item: Schitzophrenia
Item: Sex, Outdoors
Item: Shaw's Language Poem
Item: Spellchecker and Addendum
Item: Stealth Christmas
Item: The Night Before Finals
Item: The Night of the Tax Day
Item: The Scotsman (song)
Item: Tongue Twister
Item: Twas the night before (a very dirty) Christmas
Item: Twas the Night Before a Programmer's Christmas
Item: Twas the Night Before Christmas - Written by the Government
Item: Walking the Dog?
Item: Who's Running Things Down There?
Item: Windy Skirts
Item: Woman - A Definition