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Item: 25 Facts for Women To Know About Men:
Item: 12 Politically Correct Days of Christmas
Item: 25 Stress Reducing Thoughts
Item: Act Like a Kid Again
Item: Actual Newspaper Headlines
Item: Alien Lessons From ID4
Item: Alleged Will Rogersish Quotes
Item: An Old Timer Remembers
Item: Answering Machines Messages
Item: Applicant Speak
Item: Arm-less Man jokes
Item: Bart Simpson and the Chalkboard
Item: Benefits of Being Single
Item: Biggest Business Lies
Item: Book Titles and Authors
Item: Brickbats - Quickies
Item: Bumper Stickers
Item: Bumper Stickers
Item: Cars, Microsoft
Item: Children's Dictionary
Item: Church Bloopers (some new?)
Item: Classic Taglines
Item: Club Stuff - Join...?
Item: Clubs to Join
Item: Coffee Better Than Women?
Item: College, more wisdom than funny.
Item: Comebacks to Pickup Lines
Item: Computer Chickens
Item: Computer Definitions in the Real World
Item: Computers are Females - 5 Reasons
Item: Computers Must be Male
Item: Computers, Male and Female
Item: Condom/Advertsing Slogans
Item: Confucious - Two More
Item: Confucious Gets Dirty
Item: Confucious Say
Item: Confucious Say...
Item: Confucious Say:
Item: Confucious Sayings
Item: Country Song Titles
Item: Country Song Titles
Item: Country Song Titles
Item: Country Song Titles
Item: Cows - Economics (some new?)
Item: Cows and Government
Item: Cruise Ship Questions
Item: Cybersex Etiquette Questions
Item: Dating Rules, Sex
Item: Deep Questions
Item: Definitions - Adult
Item: Definitions, Correct
Item: Dog Rules
Item: Dogs and Women
Item: Dogs Lessons on Life
Item: Driving School Answers (exists?)
Item: DUH-finitions - DNRC
Item: Eight Marriages and Still a Virgin
Item: Employer Talk
Item: Engineering Conversions
Item: Etch-A-Sketch Technical Support
Item: Failed Businesses, Great Puns!
Item: Female Stages of Life
Item: Fifteen Church Annoucements
Item: Fired Employee References
Item: Foreign Expression List
Item: Foreign Language Daffynitions
Item: Foreign Signs
Item: French Food Related Insults
Item: Full Deckisms
Item: George Carlin's Brain Droppings
Item: Getting Older
Item: Graduate Students
Item: Halloween Survival Guide
Item: Headlines
Item: Headlines
Item: Hickphonics
Item: Hidden Dating Signs
Item: High Tech Redneck
Item: Hockey is Better Than Sex
Item: Host Names
Item: How to Write Good
Item: If Men had a Vagina for a Day
Item: Insurance Form Accident Descriptions
Item: Internet vs. Penis
Item: Kid's Quotes
Item: Kid's Quotes - Life and Science
Item: Kid's Quotes on Science - Part Two
Item: Kids Rewriting Bible History
Item: Kids Test Answers
Item: Language List - complete - 1997
Item: Laws of Physics, Households, Clean
Item: Letters Of Recommendations For Employees
Item: Letters to Landlords
Item: Life's Wisdom
Item: Lighter Side of Marriage
Item: List of Funny Quotes (Attributed even!)
Item: Long List of Quickies (Should be subdivided)
Item: Love One-Liners
Item: Male Stages of Life
Item: Male Translations (Female Original Elsewhere)
Item: Man vs. Woman (Ages)
Item: Man's 44 Rules For Women
Item: Men - Guys Suck
Item: Modern Terminology
Item: More Bumper Stickers
Item: More Will Rogers-ish Sayings
Item: Murphy's Laws at Work
Item: National Condom Month Slogans
Item: New Broadway Musicals
Item: Non-Athletic Exercise
Item: Nose Insults - from Roxanne
Item: One Liners
Item: One-Liners - Some good
Item: Orgasm Types
Item: Pick Up Lines (from top 51 worst)
Item: Pickup Line Comebacks
Item: Pipe Specifications
Item: Pithy Sayings
Item: Preparing For Ski Season
Item: Priest on the Sauce - Classic
Item: Priest Takes a Drink
Item: Professor's Quotes and Observations
Item: Programmer's Terminology Translations
Item: Pullet Surprises
Item: Pullet Surprises - Part 2
Item: Pun Favorites
Item: Questions - Some new - May 2000
Item: Quips
Item: Quips - Mind & Me Mostly
Item: Quote Definitions
Item: Real Life Classified Ads
Item: Really Bad Analogies
Item: Redneck 12 Days of Christmas
Item: Redneck Computer Vocabulary
Item: Religeous Shit
Item: Rules of Bedroom Golf
Item: Rules of Golf (Semi-Funny)
Item: Rules of Washington
Item: Rules to be a Man. Too True to be Funny
Item: Running vs. Sex
Item: Scoring Points With Women (Part 2)
Item: Scoring Points With Women (Part 3)
Item: Screen Messages (Quickies) (Needs Subdividing and crosschecking)
Item: Sermon Mistakes by a Drunken Preacher (14)
Item: Shaggy Dog Punch Lines
Item: Shakespeare Insults
Item: Signs
Item: Simpson's: Bart Calls Moe's
Item: Snaps - Yo Mama
Item: Soccer Quotes
Item: Something to think about
Item: Spellchecked Law Firms
Item: Sports Teams, Politically Correct
Item: Stupid Lawyer Questions
Item: Ten Cigarette Warnings for Smoking
Item: Ten Commandments (with editorial)
Item: Ten Halloween things that sound Dirty
Item: Ten Things Not To Say In Victorias Secret
Item: Things I've Learned From Children
Item: Things Not To Hear During Surgery
Item: Things that sound Dirty at Thanksgiving
Item: Things to make you think
Item: Things you do not want to hear in Surgery
Item: Thought Provoking Questions
Item: Tom Swifties
Item: Tom Swifties
Item: Top 20 Reasons Dogs Do Not Use Computers
Item: Top Ten Rejection Lines Used by Women (better list elsewhere)
Item: Trick or Treating is Better than Sex
Item: Useful Research Phrases
Item: Video Games Lessons for Life
Item: What Men Want
Item: Why Coffee is Better Than Women
Item: Why Computers Must Be Mail
Item: Why Dogs are Better Than Men
Item: Why Dogs are Better Than Women
Item: Why God Never Got Tenure
Item: Why Questions (Should Exist)
Item: Why Questions (Should exist)
Item: Will Rogers-ish
Item: Will Rogersish Quotes
Item: Will Rogersish Quotes
Item: Will Rogersish Stuff
Item: Women Are Complex Creatures
Item: Women's Sexual Ages
Item: Word Expansions
Item: Words - made up
Item: Words of Wisdom (Quips list)
Item: Worrisome Quotes
Item: Writing a Paper
Item: You know you are over the hill when...
Item: You may be a Republican
Item: You Might be a Republican
Item: You might bein education If ---
Item: Your Starship Captain just might be a redneck if...