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Item: Louisiana Vasectomy
Item: Penis in the Class
Item: 10 Bucks for a Quickie?
Item: 165 White Guys and a Black Guy (1997)
Item: 3 in Family
Item: 3 Tests of Masculinity
Item: 30th Wedding Anniversary
Item: 70 Marries 17
Item: 70 Marries 18
Item: 80 Marries 20
Item: 80 Year Old at the Doctor
Item: 90 Marries Young Filly
Item: A Million Ducks and a Piano Player
Item: Absent Minded Professor
Item: Actress Visits Shrink
Item: Adam: Good News/Bad News
Item: Affair Interruptus
Item: Airplane and Pilot
Item: Airplane trip for a Sardar
Item: Aliens at the Gas Station
Item: Alligator in a Bar
Item: Alligator Shoes
Item: Altitude and a Barometer
Item: Amazon Guide Learns English
Item: Amish Potato Pickers
Item: Anal Sex
Item: Animal Sex
Item: Are You My Daddy?
Item: Army Prototcol
Item: Army Sergeant Major
Item: At The Bank
Item: Australian Five Star Hotel
Item: Automation, Vending Machines
Item: Baby Planes
Item: Baby's Diapers
Item: Bad Basketball Pun
Item: Bad Breath and Smelly Feet
Item: Bad Golfer
Item: Bad Night at the Bar
Item: Bad Sermon I Guess
Item: Bad Sex
Item: Bad Singing
Item: Bad Tree Puns, Sex
Item: Bad Trucker Analogy
Item: Baked Beans with a Side Order Of...
Item: Bar Chuckle
Item: Bar Experiment
Item: Bar Rudeness
Item: Barber Shop (Exists?)
Item: Barbershop in D.C.
Item: Barbie and Ken and G.I. Joe
Item: Bars, Walking In To
Item: Baseball Game and Mental Patients
Item: Baseball Kissing Game
Item: Baseball Pun
Item: Bear and a Smart Rabbit
Item: Bear Hunting
Item: Bear Hunting - (Weak Version)
Item: Bedtime!
Item: Benefits of Exercise
Item: Best Handjob (variation)
Item: Best of a Bad Situation
Item: Beth's Bell Ringer
Item: Bible Selling
Item: Big Chief and the Condom (Variation)
Item: Bill Gates Goes to Heaven
Item: Birds
Item: Birds, Advertising
Item: Birds, Bees, and Cabbies
Item: Birth in the Elevator
Item: Birth Pain Transference
Item: Birthday Cake
Item: Birthday Prostitute
Item: Black and White, Sex
Item: Black, Southern
Item: Blonde Dieting
Item: Blonde in Heaven
Item: Blonde Story Again
Item: Blonde Story Joke
Item: Blondes on an Island
Item: Blowjobs
Item: Breaking Wind
Item: Breasts in a Newspaper
Item: British Royalty and Hiding Jewels
Item: Brutal FBI Interview
Item: Bubba and the Pizza Deliverer
Item: Bug in a Bar
Item: Burglar Caught in the Act
Item: Bus Driver
Item: Business
Item: Business, Clean, HMO
Item: Cab Driver In New York
Item: Camping - Really Sick
Item: Camping Couples - Funny!
Item: Car Hits Animal
Item: Car on Bridge
Item: Car Wreck
Item: Cat Food for Husband
Item: Catholic Bragging to a Jew
Item: Catholic school math class (variation)
Item: Caveat Emptor
Item: CEO Advice
Item: Chauffeur
Item: Cheating on Her Husband
Item: Chicken Noodle Soup
Item: Chicken Sex
Item: Chicken Wire, Hunting With
Item: Child Masturbating
Item: Chinese Torture Test
Item: Church Bell Ringer
Item: Church Going Meddler
Item: Church, Synagogue, and New Cars
Item: Cigarettes and Condoms
Item: Cinderella Having a Ball, Sex
Item: Classic (but silly)
Item: Classic - Chocolate Ice Cream
Item: Classic - Extended telling - Pretzel Hold
Item: Classic Airplane Ride
Item: Classic Commuppance
Item: Classic Confession
Item: Classic on Debt Repayment
Item: Classis, Hysterical, Sex, Ouch
Item: Clean Marriage Joke
Item: Clean, Exercise
Item: Clinton Seeks Advice
Item: Clone With a Dirty Mouth
Item: Comeback, "Do you know who my father is?"
Item: Communication Problem
Item: Comparing Equipment
Item: Computer Job Placement - poorly told
Item: Computers, Bill Gates, Religeon
Item: Computers, Engineers
Item: Condom Buying
Item: Condom Buying
Item: Condom Buying, Teenagers
Item: Condoms - Ribbed
Item: Condon Buying - PA System
Item: Confession
Item: Constipated Indian Chief
Item: Costume Party
Item: Costume Party
Item: Costume Party
Item: Cowboy Football
Item: Cowboy Math?
Item: Cows and Golfing
Item: Cows, Salesman
Item: Crowded Bus
Item: Custer's Last Stand
Item: Cut Off From Sex
Item: Dandruff Fighting
Item: Dangerous Prayers
Item: Democratic Kittens
Item: Dense People
Item: Diamond's Curse
Item: Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend?
Item: Dirty - Naked Woman in a Bar
Item: Dirty Duck Joke, Sick Too
Item: Dirty Thoughts in School
Item: Dirty, Gross, but Told Well
Item: Divorce - A Man in the Closet
Item: Doctor Visits Prostitute
Item: Doctor's Office
Item: Dog playing poker
Item: Dog's Revenge
Item: Dogs, Bars
Item: Dogs, Funerals, Mother-In-Law
Item: Donation Clinic
Item: Dressing For an IRS Audit
Item: Dressing Up?
Item: Drink and Pass Out (Rape)
Item: Driver's License Information
Item: Driving With Your Wife
Item: Drop the Baby, I'll Catch It
Item: Drug Store Clerk
Item: Drunk and a Priest
Item: Drunk and a Priest
Item: Drunk and Stolen Car Parts
Item: Drunk Home to His House?
Item: Drunk in a Grave
Item: Drunk's Bodily Functioning
Item: Duck Food
Item: Ducks, Getting the Most For
Item: Dumb, Royalty
Item: Dwarf with a Lisp
Item: Eating Light Bulbs
Item: Economic Sexual Analogy
Item: Elephant Pun
Item: Elephants and Porsches
Item: Elevator Sex
Item: Elevators
Item: Elvis Tatoo
Item: Engineers on the Human Body
Item: Engineers vs. Scientists - Funny!
Item: English Couple in Paris and Wife Dies
Item: English Lesson
Item: English Sex
Item: Escaping a Bull
Item: Escaping from a Bear
Item: Eskimo Car Trouble
Item: Fairy Tale
Item: Fairy Tale Sex Twist
Item: Fake Weapons - Classic
Item: Falklands/British Classic
Item: Famous Last Words
Item: Farmer John's Pigs (Good Composition)
Item: Farmer Jones and his Combine
Item: Farmers, Beastiality and the Law
Item: Father, Daughter, Sex
Item: Fire Fighting Variation
Item: Fire!
Item: Firemen, Sex
Item: Fishing Trip Comeuppance
Item: Fitness and Old Age
Item: Flatulent Husband
Item: Fleas on the Beach
Item: Fogiveness From Sin
Item: Foo Bird
Item: Food And Heaven
Item: Foreplay
Item: Four Rabbis
Item: Free Drinks for the Blind
Item: Free Meat
Item: French Border Agent and Cars
Item: French Fighter Pilot (variation)
Item: Frenchmen, Sex, Hysterical
Item: Freudian Slip
Item: Friends Riding the Bus
Item: Frozen Car Failure
Item: Fruit Stealers
Item: Funeral Procession (exists?)
Item: Game Show Question on Male Anatomy
Item: Garden of Eden - Nationalities
Item: Gates Of Heaven - Motorcycle Gang
Item: Gay (Too) Golfers
Item: Gay Ambitions
Item: Gays, Comeuppance
Item: Generic Humor
Item: Genie - One Wish
Item: Ghost Story
Item: Girl in Confession
Item: Give Bubba (Blonde) Another Chance
Item: Give it a Chance
Item: God is Everywhere
Item: God Turns Light On
Item: God Turns on the Light
Item: God's Travel Vacation
Item: Going in Style
Item: Golf - A Hole Behind
Item: Golf - Jews vs. Catholics
Item: Golf Classic
Item: Golf Competition
Item: Golf Genie
Item: Golfer Getting Lost
Item: Golfing Accident
Item: Golfing Confession
Item: Golfing Preacher
Item: Golfing Priest, Sex
Item: Golfing with a Beautiful Woman
Item: Good Indian Joke
Item: Gorilla Catching Dog
Item: Graduate School Thesis Joke
Item: Grandmother and the Boy
Item: Graveyard Sex
Item: Gravy Ladle
Item: Great Hunting Joke
Item: Great Lunch Place
Item: Gross Use of Tea Leaves
Item: Gross, Just Plain Gross
Item: Gross, Really Gross - Fart the National Anthem.
Item: Grounds for Divorce
Item: Guess My Age
Item: Guess Your Age
Item: Gun Traded for a Watch
Item: Halloween Costumes and a Racist
Item: Hand Replacement
Item: Hard Day on the Planet
Item: Hardware Store - Bastard File
Item: Heal The Sick, Sad Commentary
Item: Hearing Aid on a Cruise
Item: Heaven, Hell, or Reincarnation?
Item: Hebrew and Yiddish
Item: Henhouse Needs a New Rooster
Item: Henry Ford Goes to Heaven
Item: High Tech Watch
Item: Hijacker
Item: Hillbilly Wedding
Item: Hitchhiker With a Bag
Item: Hitler Goes to Heaven
Item: Honeymoon Practical Jokes
Item: Horny Rooster
Item: Horny Woman Grocery Shopping
Item: Horse Betting
Item: Horse Differences
Item: Horse Pulling a Car From a Ditch
Item: Horse, Stolen
Item: Horses, Yuck
Item: Hunchback and the Devil
Item: Hunting Elk
Item: Husband is Home
Item: Hysterical, Turbo BeepBeep (via Jerry Clower)
Item: I wanna get weighed...
Item: I'm My Own Grandpa
Item: Ice Fishing
Item: Ichi-ban's Wedding night
Item: Identity Unknown
Item: Immigration Processes
Item: Impregnation
Item: Improving Your Sex Life
Item: India Politics (?) - can be adapted
Item: Indian and Atomic Blast
Item: Indian and Hitchhiker
Item: Indian Moose Guide
Item: Indian Pun (bad)
Item: Indian Squaw Joke
Item: Indian Toilet Paper
Item: Infidelity
Item: Inventing Flavors
Item: Iraqi and American Soldiers
Item: Irish Drunks
Item: Irish Deaf Mule - Pun Warning!
Item: Irish Groaner
Item: Irishmen and a Speech Therapist
Item: It Hurts Here...and Here
Item: It was so muddy...
Item: It's Dark in Here, Isn't It?
Item: Italian Nuns, Oldie but Goody
Item: Janitor Filling in in Confession
Item: Jesus Comes to the Vatican
Item: Jesus is Watching You
Item: Jesus on the Cross
Item: Jewish Lawyer and Christian Son
Item: Judo Chop From Japan
Item: Jumper cables, long version
Item: Kid Archer
Item: Kid Can't Ring Doorbell
Item: Kid Having Trouble With Math
Item: Kid Missed the Math Lesson
Item: Kid Observing a Rug
Item: Kids, Daddy
Item: Kids, Sex
Item: Kids, Violin Practice
Item: King Arthur
Item: Knotholes and Dangerous Kids
Item: Kowalski's Dead!
Item: Lab Rabbit Escapes
Item: Lamaze Class
Item: Lame Excuse
Item: Last Name Office Laugh
Item: Last Wishes
Item: Laundry, Doing
Item: Law-Breaking Groaner
Item: Lawyer Settling an Old Case
Item: Lawyers and Funerals
Item: Lemons Have Feathers?
Item: Letter From a College Student
Item: Letter From God
Item: License Plates
Item: Lights and Liberty
Item: Lion and the Gorilla
Item: Little Johnny
Item: Little Johnny - Variation
Item: Little Johnny and Birds Bringing Babies
Item: Little Johnny Gets Married
Item: Little Johnny the Chemist
Item: Little Johnny, Sex
Item: Little Johnny, Sex, School
Item: Little League Conference
Item: Live to 105
Item: Lone Ranger and Tonto
Item: Lone Ranger Pun
Item: Lord's Prayer
Item: Lost Hearing Aid
Item: Lost in Armenia
Item: Macho Men
Item: Mailman Retires
Item: Make Love to My Wife (variation)
Item: Make the Horse Laugh
Item: Man shopping
Item: Man Trapped on Desert Island
Item: Man Walks Into a Bar - "Nice Tie"
Item: Man walks into the library
Item: Manhole cover classic
Item: Marriage
Item: Marriage Anniversaries
Item: Marriage Control Comeback
Item: Marriage, Sex
Item: Married to Three Microsoft Employees
Item: Married Virgin - good twist
Item: Marry an Ugly Woman
Item: Mary Poppins - BAAADDDDD
Item: Meaning Whore (2nd version)
Item: Microsoft Boot Camper
Item: Military Language
Item: Mining Accident
Item: Minister's Talk on Sex
Item: Ministers Drinking
Item: MIR-Niss
Item: Mirror, Mirror, On The Door...
Item: Missing Husband
Item: Model and Paperweight
Item: Model Tennant
Item: Moles
Item: Mom's Singing Daughter
Item: Mommy's Balloons
Item: Mommy, Mommy
Item: Mommy, Mommy!
Item: Monkey Eats Everything - Gross
Item: Monks, Groan, Shaggy Dog
Item: Monty Python Unix Bridge Quiz
Item: Mouse Trap
Item: Mozart
Item: Mr. Right?
Item: Musicians - Famous Names
Item: Mute Ordering Condoms
Item: My dad's better...
Item: NASA Interview
Item: Navy Fighter Pilot
Item: New Priest
Item: News Mockery
Item: No Ears, Job Interview
Item: Nonconforming Sparrow
Item: Norweigan in a Channel Swimming Contest
Item: Nudist Colony Rules
Item: Num Walking Home from the Convent
Item: Nun (Beth's Best)
Item: Nun Buying Whiskey
Item: Nun in an Elevator
Item: Nun on a Train
Item: Nun Rape
Item: Nun's Flat Tire
Item: Nuns Driving
Item: Nuns go to Heaven
Item: Nuns Sinning
Item: Nuns, Sex
Item: Nursing Home Classic!!
Item: Nursing Homes, Sex
Item: Nursing Incompetence
Item: Oakland Raiders (topical, regional)
Item: Offensive Black Stereotype Classic
Item: Offensive to the Dead - Very
Item: Offensive, But a variation on a theme.
Item: Oh God! I'm Fucked!
Item: Old and Young
Item: Old Folks Sex
Item: Old Folks Sex
Item: Old Golfers
Item: Old Guy With Silent Gas
Item: Old Ladies on the Beach
Item: Old Ladies, Sex
Item: Old Man Marries 25
Item: Old Virgin Maid
Item: One Night in the Graveyard
Item: Oops
Item: Open a F***ing Checking Account
Item: Oral Sex in Bed
Item: Oral Sex, Nicknames
Item: OutRunning a Bear
Item: Owl and the Vet
Item: Ozark Sex Education
Item: Pain Requiring Castration (variation)
Item: Paint the Porch - weak version
Item: Paint Your Porch
Item: Panda in the City
Item: Panhandling
Item: Parachutist Classic
Item: Parked Aways From Town
Item: Parrot and Sex
Item: Parrot Shopping
Item: Pat Buchanan
Item: Pedophile
Item: Peeing Steps
Item: Penile Transplant - setup variation
Item: Penile Transplant and Elephants
Item: Pet Store, Expensive
Item: Photographer Covering a Fire in a Plane
Item: Pickle Factory Work
Item: Pierre The French Fighter Pilot
Item: Pig Sex
Item: Pirate
Item: Plot Twist on Urination Joke
Item: Poking fun at Black's Language
Item: Polar Bear
Item: Police Car Chasing Speeder
Item: Polish Joke
Item: Polish Water Polo Team
Item: Polish, Sex
Item: Polite Schoolkids
Item: Pope Driving
Item: Pope's Erection
Item: Potential vs. Reality
Item: Practical Joke
Item: Preach it Brother
Item: Preacher buys a Donkey
Item: Preacher's Lawnmower
Item: Pregnant Women
Item: Presidential Libel Suit
Item: Priest and a Rabbi Doing Confession
Item: Priest and Nun in Snowstorm
Item: Priest Waiting For Lord's Help
Item: Priest's Bath
Item: Priest's Blessing Horses
Item: Priests Driving with Jesus
Item: Prom Date
Item: Psychiatry
Item: Psychiatry to Extremes
Item: Pun - Sweeping Leaves
Item: Pussy Gawking
Item: Put Down Rebuttal
Item: quickie
Item: Quickie
Item: Quickie, Men, Women
Item: Quickie, ouch!
Item: Quickie, Sex
Item: Quickies, Weight Loss
Item: Rabbi, Priest, and Ham
Item: Racial Lie Detector
Item: Racist - Prejudice to an Extreme
Item: Really Gross
Item: Red Riding Hood
Item: Related Sale - Variation (Good)
Item: Religeon
Item: Religeon, Funny
Item: Religeous, Government. Taxes
Item: Religeous, Police
Item: Religious Joke
Item: Republicans vs. Democrats
Item: Return of the Lord
Item: Riddle on Who Enjoys Sex More
Item: Rifle Scope
Item: Roulette Wheel
Item: Roy Rogers and a Cougar (Shaggy Dog?)
Item: S&M in a Van
Item: Safe Sex? - Saradarji Joke
Item: Salesman's Expense
Item: Samuri Smirk
Item: Santa's Check Ride (Pilot Joke)
Item: School Day Off - Variation
Item: School Lesson
Item: Scientists, Poets
Item: Screwing
Item: Seattle's Rain
Item: Senoir Citzens on a Train
Item: Serious Groaner
Item: Serious Oral Sex
Item: Sex and Hard Times
Item: Sex and Moaning
Item: Sex Lies in the Seventies
Item: Sex Seven Nights a Week
Item: Sex Stages
Item: Sex Stages
Item: Sex Stages (revised)
Item: Sex, Animals
Item: Sex, Animals, Ouch
Item: Sex, Chinese
Item: Sex, Dogs
Item: Sex, Dreams
Item: Sex, Elderly
Item: Sex, Food
Item: Sex, Funny, Prostitute
Item: Sex, Golf
Item: Sex, Golf
Item: Sex, Marriage, Male Ego
Item: Sex, Monkey, Truckers
Item: Sex, Pinocchio
Item: Sex, Women, Offensive
Item: Sexual Car Door Injury
Item: Sexual Possibilities
Item: Shaggy Dog
Item: Shaggy Dog
Item: Shaggy Dog
Item: Shaggy Dog - Clones
Item: Shaggy Dog - Four Leaf Clover
Item: Shaggy Dog - Frank Buck
Item: Shaggy dog - Munich
Item: Shaggy Dog - The Rain in Spain..
Item: Shaggy Dog, Bad Pun
Item: Shaggy Dog, Special Education, Stupid!
Item: Shaggy-Dog Story - Origin
Item: Sheep in the Old West
Item: Sheriff's Job
Item: Shocked and Surprised
Item: Shoe as a Fig Leaf
Item: Sick, Sex, Chinese Doctor
Item: Single guy at grocery store
Item: Sinning - 3 for $5
Item: Sisters of Mercy - Good retelling of a classic
Item: Six Foot Cockroach
Item: Skinny Dipping
Item: Slick Pick up line
Item: Slow Waiter
Item: Smart Dog
Item: Smashing Bricks, Testicles
Item: Smell -obvious
Item: Smelly Elevators
Item: Smuggling
Item: Snail Goes Into a Bar
Item: Snail Hunting
Item: Son's Spelling
Item: Southern
Item: Southern Ass
Item: Southern, Sex
Item: Southwest Airlines and Baby Planes
Item: Speech Problem- Penis Surgery
Item: Spelling Whoom?
Item: Sperm Bank
Item: Sperm Bank Holdup - Crude!
Item: Sports
Item: Squeezing Lemons
Item: Staff/Stiff/Stuff
Item: Statues Come to Life
Item: Stockbrokers Talk Women
Item: Stolen Car
Item: Stubborn Kid at Christmastime
Item: Stupid Drunk
Item: Stupid Plane Crash Humor
Item: Stupid, No Parking Zone
Item: Stuttering and Girl Watching
Item: Suffering Camel
Item: Suicidal Spelling
Item: Sunbathing at the Hilton
Item: Superman and Wonder Woman
Item: Superman and Wonder Woman
Item: Superman and Wonder Woman
Item: Surgeons and Patient Types
Item: Swallowed a Bullet - variation
Item: Swearing Parrot
Item: Talking Animals
Item: Talking Dog
Item: Talking Frog (Just in case)
Item: Talking in His Sleep
Item: Tall Tale Comeback
Item: Taxi Driver Revenge
Item: Teacher Giving Student a Hard Time
Item: Teacher's Gift
Item: Telling Time With Balls
Item: That Refrigerator Joke Again
Item: That's Once
Item: The Dentist - Male Comeuppance
Item: The fireman, the physicist, and the mathematician
Item: The Fish and His Lunch
Item: The Magician and His Parrot (clean)
Item: The Operation
Item: This is your brain on drugs...
Item: Three Beers
Item: Three Dogs, Sex
Item: Three Marriage Conditions - (nice telling)
Item: Three Old Guys and the Toilet
Item: Three Women and a Streaker
Item: Thumping in Mommy's Room
Item: Tigers in the Jungle
Item: Tomato Joke
Item: Too Drunk To Walk
Item: Topical Political 1996
Item: Topical, Condemned Men
Item: Topical, Sex
Item: Toy Trains - Classic
Item: Toy Trains - variation
Item: Train Does Not Stop at Victoria
Item: Train Traveller
Item: Trees
Item: Twins
Item: Twist, Politics, Language
Item: Two Buddies
Item: Two Friends, Sex, Flavors, Hmmmm???
Item: Two Idiots in a Boat
Item: Two Parrots
Item: Ugly Man's Marriage
Item: Urinalysis Machine
Item: Use It Or Lose It
Item: Vampire Bat
Item: Vampire's in a Bar
Item: Variation on a Theme
Item: Variation on the Drink too much theme
Item: Vegetable Garden Exposure
Item: Very Racist
Item: Veterinarian Visit
Item: Virgin Married Three Times
Item: Visit To Italy
Item: Waiter With a String and a Spoon
Item: WASP Sex
Item: What grows six times in size?
Item: Wheel Improvements
Item: Whose Kid?
Item: Wife Cheating?
Item: Wife is Great in Bed
Item: Wild Hair
Item: Winking and Aspirin
Item: Wishing, Pardons, Childhood Joke
Item: Women Rating System
Item: Women's Restroom Automatic Buttons
Item: Young Hired Hand Hits a Pig
Item: Your Name in the Obituaries
Item: Zebra on Farm
Item: Zen Hot Dog Vendor with a Twist